Training Valuing Natural Capital


Together with its partner UNITAR, Gemlabs offered an exclusive #training on #innovative solutions for valuing natural capital as part of our #Valuing Natural Capital Conference 21-23 September 2022 in Geneva.

Whether you are already a part of ongoing efforts in valuing our natural capital or would like to enhance your knowledge, the two-day specialised trainings held in Geneva (hybrid and online), were the perfect opportunity to be a part of the discussion and to strive to find scalable solutions to leverage, conserve and maintain natural capital.

This international event included training sessions by experts from IMF, Harvard University’s Department of Economics, UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub, the Diplomatic World Institute and Gemlabs on 4 topics:

👉🏽 Natural capital and its governance mechanisms
👉🏽 Tokenization: what it is and how it can be used to value natural capital
👉🏽 Innovative finance for transformative climate solutions
👉🏽 Creating Triple Wins to value natural capital

The trainings encompassed in-depth analyses focusing on tech and data solutions with the aim to maximise contribution towards minimising climate change.


Dieter Brockmeyer

Co-Founder and Director Innovation & TIME @ Diplomatic World Institute

Jörn Erbguth

@ Geneva Macro Labs

Ralph Chami

Co-Founder Rebalance Earth and Blue Green World @ IMF

Massamba Thioye

Project Executive UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub @ UN Climate Change Secretariat

Adam Wood

@ Harvard University's Department of Economics