Who we are


The Geneva Macro Labs are a member-based forum.  

We bring together people from all walks of life who have the will and the influence to create a sustainable future in line with the SDGs.

Here is what some of the members of our community say about us!

Through its powerful network, diverse knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Geneva Macro Labs represents a platform for exchange and action to tackle today’s sustainability challenges. I am thrilled to be part of it.

Annabell Cox

Founder of LEAD-WiSE

Geneva Macro Labs is doing an amazing job at using digitalisation to foster positive change and translating the SDGs into actionable sets of plans. It is a privilege to contribute to the development of the communications of the organization.

Louis Meunier

Taimani Communications

Joining Geneva Macro Labs in the 3T project was a great experience. Not only was I able to bring in my knowledge about democratic processes, I also had the opportunity to learn even more about those processes together with our team

Ondrej Gavura

Democratic activist and deputy cashier @ G!LT democratic association, Austria

I believe in personal accountability for a sustainable future. However impactful actions against global challenges require a collective intelligence to implement the UN SDGs agenda and to inspire next generations.

Michele Fiorini

Chartered Engineer (CEng)

The stages of generating dialogue and calculating impact are in the past. It is now time to act and present concrete, measurable and comparable results. Geneva impACTs is one of the key platforms to discuss them loud and clear.

Julián Ginzo

UN Today - Palais des Nations

Always on the frontline of today’s most pressing global issues, Gemlabs has filled the gap between knowledge exchange and implementation; advancing sustainable solutions along the way.

Tala Dowlatshahi

Advisory board member, Geneva Macro Labs and senior strategist

Geneva Macrolabs is always ahead of the curve with critical research on social, economic, and technological change. I was an expert for the project “AI and the future of work” and I am impressed with its insights into formations of an ecosystem for sustainability in AI integration and regulation.

Phoebe V Moore

Professor of Management and the Futures of Work and ILO Senior Policy Researcher

In challenging times like this, co-creating sustainable impact is an urgent need. Facilitating a group of exceptional experts at Geneva impACTs for me means taking this exigency seriously.

Karen Müller

Innovation Facilitator @Gemlabs, Mediator & Senior Associate @Sustainance GmbH

I joined Geneva impACTs innovation process to collaborate with others, share ideas and learn from one another to make a better impact and build cooperation towards sustainability.

Avinder Laroya

Innovation Facilitator @Gemlabs, Mediator @ Minute Mediation

Co-Shaping a sustainable future is really our planet's challenge. By facilitating the use of collective intelligence and serving such interesting and important stakes I can contribute to concrete solutions.

Alexandra Wojtowicz

Innovation Facilitator @Gemlabs, Mediator

Facilitating innovation towards sustainability means for me supporting the individuals and the group in creative design thinking, by doing their best and challenging each other.

Susann Bongers

Innovation Facilitator @Gemlabs, Mediator @bcompanion

I believe in collective intelligence, especially nowadays when there is an increasing need for everyone to speak out and being taken into consideration; also, I believe, we need to roll up our sleeves to reach some common sense and common goals.

Lise Teissier du Cros

Innovation Facilitator @Gemlabs, Mediator @Facilitator

Human intelligence can find answers to the most complex issues. Facilitation boosts a group's creative process to allow the expression of a brighter and savvier collective intelligence.

Gabor Farkas

Innovation Facilitator @Gemlabs, Mediator @Bonsoffices.com

As a facilitator, it is fulfilling to help experts from diverse backgrounds share their perspective and co-create solutions that bring us closer to achieving the SDGs.

Nathalie Birt

Innovation Facilitator @GEMLABS, Mediator and Negotiation Coach

I am excited to be a part of the innovative environment of Geneva Macro Labs and engage with their international partners in pioneering sustainable development.

Imogen Yates

Student at Venice International University

It is a privilege to facilitate the teamwork of talented and promising people aiming to deliver impactful and sustainable projects.

Cécile Maitre-Ferri

Innovation Facilitator @GEMLABS and Mediator

Humanity is facing a unique opportunity to help shape a sustainable future.
Join us to create a durable impact!