A digital game that educates children about digital data privacy & cyber security.

Our winning project of the innovation cycle 2022 is a fun game for kids (and adults) to learn about cyber security risks and a great educational tool for teachers to support their course material. Datopia (*working title) incorporates replayable mini-games on different cyber security topics and is designed for schools and other education institutions. The project was developed in collaboration with students from the university of Geneva and is now in the designing phase. The project in one page.

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The challenge: cyber security concerns children

Inappropriate contact

10% of Swiss children aged 10 are victim of cyber discrimination; 20% are victim of cyberbullying.

Practive in a safe environment

Children learn about the risks and challenges of online contact in a s safe environment.

Lack of education

Schools do not have standardized course materials for children to educate on data privacy issues.

Play first, learn second

We want to introduce a gamification approach to educating children about data security.

Inappropriate content

Children are exposed to porn already at primary school (average age of first exposure is 11).


Children will understand the consequences of their own actions online in a controlled-risk environment.

The solution: a narrative online game that educates children while being fun

Kids learn through fun mini-games like these

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How did the project start?

A group of students from the university of Geneva joined the project and designed the games. They were supported by experts, game designers, an investor pool, their professors and the Gemlabs team.

They explored the market, pitched their ideas to a jury and won the Gemlabs Innovation Award 2022!