A sustainable future? Driving value while avoiding impact washing


We have entered a time where more and more actors are trying to understand the linkage between investment performance and social impact. Some companies have integrated sustainability into their corporate culture, but still, international goals for sustainability have to become more attractive for all sectors in order to be widely applied. Impact valuation expert Sonja Haut explains why Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are no longer an option for businesses but a must. She concludes that ESG has gained as market value as shared value can deliver superior shareholder return, but an international framework for impact measurement is needed to prevent impact washing. Co-speaker, Walid Al-Saqqaf presents a concrete impact project on the valuation of natural capital which is set up to become an international movement. He discusses elements needed to design and implement a multi-stakeholder approach.


Walid Al Saqqaf

CEO & Co Founder @ Rebalance Earth

Sonja Haut

Head Strategic Measurement and Materiality, MBA @ Novartis