A virus hits the financial markets


Important sources of income are under threat due to COVID19. The pandemic is causing pay cuts and job losses. A decline of financial market liquidity could have a significant impact on remittance flows and alerts central banks. Remittance flows are the lifeline for many low income and fragile countries: money that migrant workers send home to support their families. Less global remittances could worsen the economic impact of the pandemic. What are the implications for these countries as well as for migrant host countries? What can be done to avert a perfect storm? Dr Chami from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides some answers. Dr Moser, Swiss National Bank discusses which role central banks could play in preventing the economic crisis from spreading to the financial sector.


Ralph Chami

Co-Founder Rebalance Earth and Blue Green World @ IMF

Thomas Moser

Alternate Member of the Governing Board @ Swiss National Bank