After Work Event May 29, 2024 in Geneva


Join us for our next After Work Event! It is a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people, to find new contacts and to discuss different topics. If you are interested in sustainability, innovation, data privacy or technology, if you want to get to know us or want to enhance your network, join us for an Apero!

This event’s discussion will feature Dmitry Grozoubinski‘s new book: Why Politicians Lie About Trade. The Geneva book launch will be in early June 2024. Dmitry, a former Australian WTO trade negotiator, wrote a pithy and humorous guide to help better understand how cross-border trade works.

The Financial Times was wondering who most needs to know “this stuff” (the book)? Dmitry’s answer: “My publisher’s preferred answer would be ‘every man, woman and child on planet Earth’, but that’s probably a touch ambitious. I wrote this book for people who have policy issues they care about, whether it’s climate change, job creation, national security or anything else. Trade and the decisions governments make about it impact all of these.

Join us on May 29, 2024 to discuss with these topics with him!

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Dmitry Grozoubinski