Building our Future of Work: Machines and Humans at the Workplace


Digitization, AI, demographic shifts, climate change and now COVID-19 are mega-trends that reshape labour markets and modus operandi at the workplace. Will working with machines and virtual teams become more complex and challenging? Or can we lay back and supervise the machines that will perform the complicated tasks for us, or will the machines even supervise us? Listen to Thessa von Hülsen and Dr Andrej Heinke how our future of work is changing at the enterprise level. Thessa von Hülsen is the Global Head of Human Resources and Head of HR Strategy at Deutsche Börse Group, Germany, and explains in this webinar some key ingredients of the “Future of Work Cocktail”, elaborating on how macro-level-trends like digitization, demographic shifts and now COVID-19 shape the workplace at the micro-level. Her co-speaker, Dr Andrej Heinke, Vice President, Corporate Foresight and Megatrends (CR/P CE-NXT) at Robert Bosch GmbH Germany, argues as futurologist that people still outperform machines in many areas. He highlights the power of the human factor when looking at the interaction between human and machines.


Andrej Heinke

@ Bosch

Thessa von Hülsen

Investment Partner @ Haniel