COVID-19 and fake news: a virus challenges communication ethic


COVID19 shows how fake news can quickly spread on social media. How can we trust the information that we read? Could we possibly increase the trust by using blockchain and distributed ledger technology DLT?

Ernst & Young (EY) has teamed up with one of the top ten news agencies, Italy’s ANSA news, to fight fake news on all of its platforms. With a blockchain solution called ANSA check, readers can verify the origin of the news that is published on its platforms, affiliated publications, and also third parties in social media. Meet Magnus Jones from EY during the Geneva Macro Labs online talk on 03.06.2020.

Our second speaker Dr. Lukasz Bochenek, Managing Director at Leidar, questioned the way communication is managed during the current pandemic and provide tools for multilateral advocacy. COVID19 challenges us to rethink communication ethics, traditional public affairs and lobbying tools.


Magnus Jones

Executive Director, Nordic Innovation and Blockchain Lead @ EY

Lukasz Bochenek

Managing Director, International Strategy and Client Service @ Leidar