COVID 19 – Geopolitical aftershocks. A virus tests democracy and economic growth


In this webinar, our experts, Prof Marina Grusevaja, Wiesbaden Business School, and Robert Ward, International Institute for Strategic Studies, discuss risks narrowing the political bandwidth among key players for supporting multilateralism. While Robert Ward looks at the global picture, Prof Grusevaja provides a special focus on Central- and Eastern Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic represents the most serious peacetime threat to the global economy at least since the 1930s. This crisis comes at a time when public distrust in governments and institutions is already high in rich and emerging markets alike. A number of issues are expected to have middle or even long term impact on economic growth and institutional development across countries. Dealing with the profound economic dislocation from the crisis will thus test political systems in many countries.


Marina Grusevaja

Professor of Economics and International Relations, Expert on behalf of the Research Executive Agency (Economic Science). @ European Commission

Robert Ward

Director Geo-economics & Strategy/Japan Chair, Senior Fellow for Japanese Security Studies @ International Institute for Strategic Studies