Gains or challenges? A virus shapes our digital future


Digitization enables efficiency gains and we’re collectively embracing this paradigm shift for a couple of decades now. The pandemic is speeding things up and accelerating the adoption of digital services. In order to build a sustainable solution a solid infrastructure is required: Lack of harmonisation among local, regional, national, and even international initiatives and systems can lead to higher investment costs for infrastructure due to “one-off” projects, and a failure to capitalise on knowledge by reapplying solutions that are already known to work well. In this webinar, our expert Pascal Eichenberger, President ALP ICT, reflects on some examples to understand why we’re seeing such acceleration and what traps we should avoid. Digital transformation expert Gianfranco Moi discusses how the pandemic is speeding up digitization in Geneva and explained how governments can support the ecosystem to manage opportunities and challenges that come along with the adoption of new digital tools.


Gianfranco Moi

Deputy Secretary-General @ State of Geneve

Pascal Eichenberger