Getting ready for our future: Foresight methods and and trust-building models


COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. We are confronted with a world where facts and realities are contested. Global fragilities continue to be exposed and a growing number of businesses are investing in technologies to forecast the future of their workforce and to gain competitive advantage. But are we really ready for our tomorrow? How far can foresight methods help to prepare for our future? And, to what extent are trust models useful to manage anticipated change? The Geneva Macro Labs discussed these questions with two leaders: Dr Sharath Srinivasan, Co-founder & CEO, Katikati, and, Cat Tully, Founder of School of International Futures (SOIF). Learn what it takes to succeed in our current, turbulent times and why we need to develop a common understanding of what’s happening. Both leaders share insights on their solutions: Sharath Srinivasan presents lessons learnt for trust modelling from his organizations’ COVID-19 responses, Cat Tully reflects on the fundamentals and the power of foresight methods.


Cat Tully

@ School of International Futures (SOIF)

Sharath Srinivasan

Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies @ University of Cambridge