Global Perspective on the Futures of Work


Do you want to know more about the global perspectives on the Future of Work? Do you fear to lose your job to a robot? Or are you curious about the effects of digitalisation and AI on your workplace and society?

Discuss with our experts from the JustJobs Network and speakers from Geneva Macro Labs on 17.05.2023. Save your seat here.

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We explore how changes in the world of work differ significantly across countries. Together with a group of eminent experts from around the world, we discuss different perspectives on how the platformeconomy, chatgpt, socialmedia and other digital tools affect jobs, inequality, workersrights and workingconditions. We extract lessons for practitioners and policy makers and present solutions for decentwork for all.


Ekkehard Ernst

@ International Labour Organization

Sabina Dewan

@ JustJobs Network

Renate Günther