Governing Artificial Intelligence: Enhancing Trust through regulations?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the one of the most important advanced technologies of our century. AI forms an integral part of our daily lives and represents benefits and opportunities to help us humans. However, it also exposes us with new challenges, risks and threats.

How can we humans comfortably surf the AI wave and stay in control? Hilary Sutcliffe and Paul Wang provide insight on where we stand regarding governance and regulations and how far regulations can enhance trust in AI. A lack of governing laws or poor regulation can make this technology less trustworthy. Regulators can hardly follow the innovate speed and policy makers are exposed to the balancing act between under and over regulation. Both can lead to uncertainty not only for investors. Innovative new governance solutions are needed and soft-law can represent the flexible approach to help gain the rewards of these powerful new technology, while avoiding many of its pitfalls.

We invite you to look with us at challenges, threats and opportunities of the rapidly evolving AI technology.


Paul Wang

CEO and Co-Founder @ Mt Pelerin

Hilary Sutcliffe

@ Society Inside