The Circular Economy – Insights from B Lab and WEF


With Natalia Dziergwa, Circular Economy Innovation Specialist at the World Economic Forum. All eyes are on COP26 these days. How can we turn the political declarations made at this conference into concepts that protect our climate? What roles can we all, the public, private and civic sector, play to support a circular economy and to hit NetZero emission targets? Since more than a decade now, the international community is working towards sustainable growth, away from our throwaway economy. But, where do we stand and what will it take to enable a circular economy where waste is eliminated, resources are circulated, and nature is regenerated? What’s the role of business in this challenging moment? Natalia discusses with us pathways from a circular economy to one that is regenerative. She showcases initiatives that the WEF pursues and the kind of innovators they work with. The session concludes with concrete examples for how to embed a circular economy in business models.


Natalia Dziergwa

Circular Economy Specialist @ WEF