The Green Swans. Taking off for a new Economy?


With Prof. Dr. John Elkington, co-founder of the institutes Volans and SustainAbility, and Mayra Castro, founder and CEO of Invest Amazônia. Are we taking off for a new economy? The world as we know it is changing, not only since the pandemic hit us. “Giving back to the community” has become a new buzz word and “business for good” is the new mantra of the corporate world. But how close are we really to systemic change? Meet John Elkington and Mayra Castro at this impact talk. The BusinessWeek described John as “a dean of the corporate responsibility movement”. He is co-founder of the institutes Volans and SustainAbility where he coined the Triple Bottom Line principle considering profit,
people and the planet. His co-speaker lawyer Mayra Castro, a connection and partnership designer and TedTalk speaker, founded Invest Amazônia and advocates for reciprocal collaboration but also effective sustainability policies.
Referring to the example of the Amazon rainforest, the largest forest in the world, we’ll discuss challenges and opportunities when implementing a future agenda for sustainability at various levels – from individuals, boardrooms and C-Suits to policy makers. Learn what’s behind Green Swans and how we can respond to our today’s challenges with workable solutions.


John Elkington

Founding Partner of Volans @ Volans

Mayra Castro

@ InvestAmazonia