Tomorrow @ work: A better normal for labour markets


What will the Future of Work look like? Will the current pandemic accelerate change, create new bottlenecks or – worse – set us back? And what options do policy makers, civil society, business leaders and employees have to prepare for the future? In this webinar, our experts, Sabina Dewan, JustJobs Network, and Ekkehard Ernst, International Labour Organisation, discuss how accelerating automation, increasing economic and social disparities, demographic shifts and climate change will affect jobs, working conditions and living standards in different regions of the world. Artificial intelligence, platform work, teleworking but also unemployment, informality and migration will dominate labour markets over the next decade. What needs to be done to equip the workforce with the latest skills? And how can we prepare our social protection systems in times of global risks such as Covid-19?


Sabina Dewan

@ JustJobs Network

Ekkehard Ernst

@ International Labour Organization