Tomorrow’s Philanthropy. How donors shape a better world.


With Christoph Courth from Pictet, Laetitia Gill from the University of Geneva’s Centre for Philanthropy, and Giuseppe Ugazio from the Geneva Finance Research Institute at the University of Geneva. We are at a unique moment in history in regards to the societal and environmental challenges we are facing. At the same time, there is a growing number of wealth owners and inheritors who want to help improve the state of the world while they are still alive: The “Baby Boomer” generation will continue to pass on their wealth to the next generation over the next
decades. While these new donors can make a difference to our world, it is crucial to ensure that this collective energy is captured and leveraged for the greater good of society and supports a strong, liberal democracy. At this impact talk, our experts discussed how we can make the world’s philanthropy better and how the future of philanthropy could look like.


Christoph Courth

@ Pictet

Laetitia Gill

@ Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, UNIGE

Giuseppe Ugazio