Valuing Natural Capital: The Blue Boat initiative


How can we address climate change? How can we maintain our biodiversity? How can we keep the planet habitable? Listen to Ralph Chami from the IMF and Patricia Morales from Filantropia Cortes Solari and their amazing solution: Valuing natural capital by putting a price on our use of ecological resources that pushes governments to take concrete and effective action. In this Geneva Macro Labs webinar, such an action will was presented: the Blue Boat Initiative. Patricia Morales shared how this solution will help reserve Chili’s extraordinarily rich life in the ocean, making sure that blue whales and other maritime species can continue to live and prosper outside its shores. Ralph Chami had the numbers to make us realize how much we have to gain from preserving the nature around us.


Ralph Chami

Co-Founder Rebalance Earth and Blue Green World @ IMF

Patricia Morales Errázuriz

CEO @ Filantropía Cortés Solari