VNC Conference – Opening Remarks, Keynotes and Closing Remarks


This multi-stakeholder event with high-level policymakers, business leaders, civil society and academics addressed

• Natural reserves and protected areas
• Environmental Taxation
• Payment for eco-system services
• Supply-chain management for protection
• Financial solutions such as Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Social Climate Fund and Green bonds
• Workforce adaptation to climate change

The keynotes were be delivered by Federico Bonaglia (Deputy Director of the OECD Development Centre) and Ralph Chami (International Monetary Fund, Rebalance Earth, Blue Green Future), followed by four in-depth panels with 15+ experts (Centre Scientifique de Monaco, UNCDF, UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub, Rebalance Earth, Cortés Solari Philanthropy, The Economist, UNEP Finance Initiative, UNDP, International Finance Corporation, TNFD, AgAu, Brazilian Development Bank, Clarity AI, Diplomatic World Institute, Green Digital Finance Alliance, and KPMG).


Ralph Chami

Co-Founder Rebalance Earth and Blue Green World @ IMF

Marianne Schörling

@ Geneva Macro Labs

Federico Bonaglia

@ OECD Development Centre

Prof Lee White

@ Gouvernement - République gabonaise