Voices4Impact: Protecting Whales for our Planet


Will COP26 make a difference? Even if worldleaders advance, their decisions still need to be filled with life. We are proud that our initiative will be presented in Glasgow as it suggests actionable steps to curb globalwarming. Ralph Chami International Monetary Fund economist, reveals more about it in our latest podcast. While the planet is heating up whales are our natural allies to help reduceCO2 from the atmosphere so that our earth can cool down. However, a dead whale body is still of higher worth than a living one. Ralph Chami calculated that a whale values 2 mio. USD when taking into account how much carbon they help reduce from the air over their lifetime. In order for this number to become an official benchmark it has to be backed by a scientific methodology. Only when an official standard is in place governments can declare whales as an international publicgood. If vessels would then collide with a whale it would no longer be just tragic news but an offence. Eventually, the financial markets could easier invest into whale protection.


Ralph Chami

Co-Founder Rebalance Earth and Blue Green World @ IMF