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With Paul Ryatt, co-founder and CTO at Copalana, and Michèle Ryatt, co-founder and head of communications at Copalana. Are you interested in authentic action as a sustainable company? Do you want to become an impact ambassador for your organization? Or, are you looking to select or receive the perfect sustainable gift? Our partner Copalana created the platform to do so. We had the chance to chat with Copalana’s co-Founders Paul and Michèle Ryatt about their bold endeavor. To date, more then 220 campaigns and 520 projects were featured on Copalana, accounting for 4,6 Mill raised money and connecting non-profits, enterprises and employees. We are proud to partner of Copalana.


Paul Ryatt

@ Copalana

Michèle Ryatt

@ Copalana